Hi there, thanks for sniffing around the City Tails website!  My name is Lauren and I’ll be your tour guide through this little portion.  I’ve been an animal lover as far back as I can remember.  As a kid I volunteered my time at the veterinary’s office and kept the animals company before they went into surgery; I would use the two dollars my Dad gave me for ice cream and rescued the mice that were being sold as snake bait (my Mother was not to happy about that discovery) and begged my parents to take in any stray animal that showed up on our doorsteps.  They were troopers because boy, there was a lot!  I’ve always enjoyed their company and I’m proud to be able to call them my coworkers!

I’m originally from Miami, Florida and moved out to California in 2005.  I first moved to Burbank, where I put my Telecommunications degree to work in television production.  Although I learned a lot and found it fascinating, I decided to move on up to San Francisco and pursue a degree in Computer Arts/New Media at the Academy of Art.  After being stuck behind a computer and already spending a couple of years in the dark offices of editing bays, I decided it was time to get outside and thus City Tails came to fruition and I've never been happier!

When I'm not out with my furry friends, I enjoy the culinary arts, wine, booking binding, movies, board games, learning how to sew things (still working on that!) and hopefully soon to be furniture maker extraordinaire.

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